Land Surveyors South West WA

Survcon has been supply land surveying services in the south west for over 15 years. Our Land surveyors travel to Dunsborough, Busselton, Yallingup, Cowarumup, Augusta, Nannup, Capel, Donnybrook and more.

Some of the land surveying services offered include:

  • Boundary re-survey and Reg 25A certification
  • Feature and contour surveys
  • Building envelope set out
  • Australian Height Datum (AHD) establishment

Boundary Re-pegs

Boundary resurvey (re-peg) is the only way to confirm accurately the boundary corners before any construction commences on any lot. Re-pegs are often required when new boundary fences are to be erected and the existing marks/pegs are gone. The survey re-establishes the corner/bend points and a Regulation 25A Resurvey Certificate signed by a Licensed Surveyor who is authorised by Landgate. Only a Licensed Surveyor with a current practising certificate is authorised to certify boundary re-surveys.

Feature and Contour Surveys

When you are planning a new building, whether it is a new home or a large commercial building an accurate feature and contour survey is required for the planning and design documentation. The feature survey needs to show the boundaries, visible services, structures, trees/vegetation, ground levels/contours and any other relevant features. The survey plan is produced in both hard and soft copy formats in a variety of formats including PDF/DWG/DXF/ ASCII CODE CSV/SKF.

Building Envelope Surveys

Many rural and semi-rural properties have a defined building area called a building envelope. The building envelope is positioned in relation to the boundary. Survcon can accurately mark the building envelope on any sized property. Fines can be imposed if buildings are outside of the building envelope area so it is advisable to have the building envelope marked by a qualified surveyor to avoid any future problems.

Building envelopes can be modified to suit the proposed buildings. We can assist you in any building envelope modifications you may need. We can prepare the plans, submit the application and liaise with the respective local government planning department.

Australian Height Datum Establishment

Australian Height Datum (AHD) is the datum to which all vertical control for mapping (and other surveying functions) is referenced to. Some projects require the heights to be referenced to AHD. This is established from known marks scattered throughout the area. Typical methods of establishing AHD are via levelling or RTK GPS.