Whether you are an experienced developer or a just looking to develop your backyard we can help to provide the surveying services required. Some of the surveying services we perform on a regular basis in the course of subdividing land include:

  • Detail survey and provision of a subdivision concept plan for lodgement at the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC)
  • A comprehensive field survey re-establishing the existing boundaries and placement of new boundary marks by a licensed surveyor.
  • Preparation of plans, CSD file and field notes for lodgement at Landgate
  • Request subdivision clearances from local and state authorities and preparation of endorsement documents for the WAPC


Subdivision/Property Development

There are three main forms of land subdivision, green title, built strata and survey-strata.

1. Green Title Subdivision

Green Title or Freehold lots are the standard lot that exists and the preferred option if available. Green Title lots are completely independent from one another and therefore cannot have common property or run services through one lot into another.

You can rely on Survcon to provide advice on the issues involved with what can be a long, complex and expensive process, and to help you determine whether this is the best solution for your project. If you choose a Green Title Subdivision, we then carry out the work and guide you through the process from start to end.

The advantages are:
  • New titles are created prior to building
  • Each owner is not restricted by owners of other lots around them
  • Green title may be easier to sell and may sell for more.
The disadvantages are:
  • Most expensive way to develop in terms of survey costs
  • The WAPC must approve each development which can be a long drawn out process
  • All proposed vacant lots must be serviced prior to titles being issued
  • Services can not be shared making servicing expensive in some cases

2. Survey Strata Subdivision

Survey Stratas are a form of strata, which allow for the creation of vacant lots and do not show the buildings on the strata plan unlike a Built Strata. See the strata page for more information on this type of subdivision.

3. Built Strata Subdivision

A Built or Standard Strata is the most common form of strata scheme in Western Australia. This form of strata subdivision can only be finished when all building is complete and is typically only started at around the roof on or lockup stage of construction, as the buildings are shown on the strata plan. Generally no vacant lots are allowed, there are exceptions to this but they are rare. See the strata page for more information on this type of subdivision.


If you are consider subdividing land, our subdivision specialists travel to Dunsborough, Busselton, Yallingup, Cowarumup, Augusta, Nannup, Capel and Donnybrook.