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Engineering & Construction

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Engineering & Construction Surveyors


Survcon has supplied surveying services to hundreds of projects over the past 15 years. From the initial mapping to setting up survey control, setting out for construction and then final as-constructed surveys and documentation in the relevant format as required for each project. Over the years we have refined and adjusted our survey techniques to enable us to offer accurate, timely survey for all manner of projects. Whether you are building a new building, a subdivision or a new marina we have done it. You can't buy experience and it is experience that often is the difference between a job well done and disaster. Don't let your project end up like the one below:


Project Experience includes:
  • Augusta Marina
  • Busselton Bypass
  • Regular volume audits for City Of Busselton waste facilities
  • Vasse Newtown
  • Dunsborough Lakes
  • Bunker Bay Resort
  • Cunderdin and Wyalkatchem Airfield upgrades
  • Margaret River Waste Water Treatment Plant


Initial Survey Mapping, Volume Reports and Control Setup

We can provide all the survey required prior to the commencement of construction such as checking the existing survey data supplied for the project, verifying volumes for contract quantities and establishing permanent construction control.


Construction Setout

Over the years we have provided set out for all types of construction work. Projects including broad acre subdivision, underground servicing, residential and commercial building, highways and marinas. There isn't much that we haven't had experience in and it is this experience that enables us to provide a high quality of survey for any project.


As-constructed Surveys

Most projects require as-constructed survey and documentation as part of the contract obligations. We can provide a timely and accurate service ensuring that there are no delays in project completion and payment. The data is processed into any format required including R-spec and D-spec as required by many local authorities.


Volume Surveys

We provide volume surveys for stockpiles, earthworks or any other measurable item. In the past we have provided quantities for major civil projects, subdivisions, stockpiles and waste facilities. Whether it be on a regular basis or a one off volume we can provide an accurate volume in a timely and cost effective way.



Our Profile


Survcon has a vast experience in both licensed and standard survey work


"Mike and the staff at Survcon went above and beyond in assiting us in subdividing our block.  We were impressed with the level of service we received even though our project was relatively small.  We were made to feel as though we were the most important client they have ever had.  Mike must have spent more time talking us through the process than it took to do the survey.  We couldn't have done it without Mike and his staff's assistance." 

Jenny Williams - Brady Street Augusta